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This coat of arms was established by Leonhard Michael Pfaender around 1890 and used by his male descendants ever since.


The red shield shows two silver bars on a black ground. There above is a black unicorn. The crest bears a black unicorn, guarded by red and silver wings. The lambrequin is of blue and gold colour - the colours of Lower Austria.

Additional (however not heraldic) information :
The unicorn symbolises the strength, the red colour the bravery and the Pfaender family´s tight bonds. The eagle wings stand for the upswing of the family.

Above is the original coat of arms that was handed down from our ancestors.

The text underneath the coat of arms says among others: “The Pfaenders are of an old lineage and have their roots in the Margraviate of Ansbach, Bavaria.”

Our “refurbished” coat of arms showing the correct alignment of the crest with the helmet. Beautiful to look at, but wrong from the heraldic point of view: The bow helmet and the crown may only be worn by the noblesse.

A 14th. century knight in contemporary armour and our family´s colours.

Our coat of arms in the heraldic correct way: The bow helmet and the crown were replaced by the type of helmet that should be used for untitled citizens.

The coat of arms can also be presented in above way.

This Pfaender coat of arms / family crest and its design are property  of the male descendants of Johann Michael Pfaender (1862 - 1909), master tailor from Hausen am Bach, Germany. It may only be used by the members of the family, provided that they were born in direct lineage to above person and still use “Pfaender” as surname...

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