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I am but a wretched exile here, thus must my name be given
From my home and all that´s dear, for God´s word I am driven

Full well I know, Lord Jesus Christ, thy treatment was not better,
And I, thy follower, now will be, to do thy will, be debtor

Henceforth a pilgrim I must be, in foreign climes will wander
Oh Lord, my prayer ascends to Thee, that Thou my path will ponder

Please guard me, Mighty Lord, I trust, in misery I feel no shame
For Jesus´ sake I did what I must
For your word my honour was ball and chain

Let Satan steal my fortune, and evil ravage these earthly goods,
My bounty shall be the right belief, my fidelity only to our Lord

Soon the hour of despair will fall, yet in this darkness I cannot drown
Though I am forced from my children and my home,
Someday I shall receive heaven´s crown

Please, God, my tears run hot through this valley of desparation,
These alien roads so sure my fate, oh God, I beg of thee to guide
This path to your heavenly dwelling place

Who made this song will not be named. He despised the pope and stood up for Jesus Christ !

Above English translation was kindly provided by L. Schaitberger (USA)

The Exulanten´s Song

The lyrics of above song were composed by Joseph Schaitberger in 1686. He was the famous spiritual leader of the Salzburg Exiles. Schaitberger and his wife were expelled from their home near Salzburg in 1686 and forced to let their two little daughters behind. This was done to compel all juveniles under the age of 15  back into catholic belief. Joseph Schaitberger´s and his wife´s fate was shared by thousands other Lutherian refugees who also had to leave their children behind.

The Exiles´ Song is considered to be one of the most important manifestations of the Austrian Protestants. Their strong belief that they were doing the right thing is expressed through this song.

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