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A Salzburger with his son on their way to exile.

King Frederick William I. of Prussia welcomes the Salzburger Emigrantes. To the right is the City of Koenigsberg, to the left the City of Salzburg.

Salzburger father with sons and daughter on their escape.

A copper engraving of unknown origin shows the departure of the Salzburgers.

Salzburger Exiles on their way. The text above says: “The New Testament drives us into exile. Even when we leave our homeland, we know that we are in the Lord´s hands”.

The distribution of land to the Salzburgers in Preussisch Litauen (Prussian Lithuania) after the emigrants had arrived.

To the left is a copper engraving showing the story of Balthasar Brandstaetter from Wagrain in the State of Salzburg. The boy was an orphan and due to the verdict to take children away from their protestant parents, he was separated by force from his stepfather. Locked into the tower of the Wagrain Town Hall and full of despair he jumped into the deep and survived.This was interpreted as sign of God, and that the Lord was with the Lutherians.

Der trek through northern Germany to East Prussia.

Assigning houses at Gumbinnen

Departing from Salzburg by ship with an unknown destination. The text underneath the engraving says “In God´s name the journey is beginning”.

The celebrated arrival of the Exulanten at Koenigsberg in the year 1732.

Military authorities banishing Protestants. Drawing of unknown origin.

The trek from the mountains to the sea. In the distance ships are waiting to take the emigrants to East Prussia.

King Frederick William I. of Prussia welcomes the Exulanten in front of his palais on 1. May 1732

Arriving at the Halle Gate in Berlin.

The arrival of the Exulanten at Augsburg.

King Frederick William I. personally welcomed the Salzburgers on his territory. Above a scene from Berlin.

By foot or on a wagon. This is how they moved to East Prussia. Accompanied by Prussian transportation officers who led the emigrants in different groups through their country. This was done to minimise the burden for the local population.

Frederick William I. of Prussia visits the Salzburger Exulanten while they are building their new homes in Preussisch Litauen (Prussian Lithuania).

This painting shows the assignment of land in Georgia to the arriving Salzburgers. It very likely shows General James Edward Oglethorpe pointing at the map.

The arrival of the Salzburgers at Prussia (this German stamp commemorates the 250th anniversary).

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